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Wild Things Owl Night

Wild Things Owl Night

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Following the footsteps of English explorers, eccentrics and pioneers, Wild Things traces a path of adventure and discovery across the globe, capturing in a collection of scented souvenirs the spirit of the weird and wonderful. Created from specially designed blends of high quality ingredients and housed in vibrant, richly decorated ceramic vessels, each Reed Diffuser contains a high percentage of fragrance to bring you incredible fragrance release and the finest scent experience.

Wild Things Diffuser: Owl Night Long 

In the dusky moonlight of a midwinter evening, squirrels scramble homeward up trees glittering with a patina of frost. From the forest, pale shadows of snowy owls rise to soar through the velvety night. Soft vanilla, golden caramel and cashmere musk melt into the air to create this mysterious scent.