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Price: £27.99



This handmade sculpture has been blessed with the energy of Metatron. A being so tall, so powerful..that you will feel completely protected, comforted and filled with light. Metatron comes to remind you that You Are Love. Your light shines brightest when your heart is filled with unconditional love. Allow Metatron to take you on a journey of self discovery closely guarded by him, you will enter many realms which will help to remind you just how expansive the universal energy is, and how expansive you are . The only limitation you will ever have are the ones you set yourself! Allow Metatron into your space and he will help you relinquish all limits and reach high with absolute great power and a deep knowing that anything truly is possible 

The sculpture has been created with the finest ingredients including quartz, angelite, selenite and celestite to heighten your experience as you sit and hold your sculpture in a peaceful space.

The sculpture comes with a care kit, explanation booklet and a complimentary pouch 

 Size: 3½" tall