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Guardian Angel Amethyst

Guardian Angel Amethyst

Price: £32.00


There is one who walks by your side, one who cannot help but love you and cherish you. This beautiful being is your Guardian Angel and holds for always your soul's highest intentions, loving you completely and unconditionally, even when you feel you have done wrong. This beautiful being of light is filled with such love for you and will do all he/she can to help you in your life, inspiring you always to realise your highest and brightest potential.

Call upon your Guardian Angel often, to help you in ALL areas of your life, no matter how small or grand the task. Your Guardian Angel will empower you to make positive changes in your life, enlightening your path, and inspiring you to make choices which are true to your heart.

This special sculpture has been created with the love and guidance of the Angels and flows with pure divine energy. Placed in your home or work space, your sculpture will naturally enhance the vibrational quality of your surroundings. Take it with you where ever you go in life as your very special travelling companion. Hold it during meditation and healing, or simply whilst you are relaxing and unwinding, but especially during times of great stress and uncertainty. Let it be the first thing you see as you awake..

Lovingly hand made in the UK, your beautiful Angel sculpture has been made using the finest ingredients including the crystals Quartz, Selenite, Celestite and Angelite.

The sculpture is pictured here with an Amethyst heart which helps to ward away negativity.

Your sculpture comes with a satin pouch, explanation booklet and care kit. 

Size: 90mm