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Chakra Angel

Chakra Angel

Price: £38.50


Life is a wondrous breath taking adventure, quite often chaotic and tiresome, yet often filled with peacefulness and reflection. It is a rich tapestry of experience and unfolding wisdom. One thing for sure is that it is endless and forever moving. Everything is in a continuous state of change, and in many respects it cannot be any other way.

The Chakra Angel has come into creation to remind us to find peace amongst the beautiful chaos that is life. When we are out of balance, we find life more challenging and stressful. Everything feels harder. This beautiful Angel will help you feel more aligned and energised, helping you balance your energy centres. When we feel lighter within, we naturally feel stronger, brighter and more focussed. Our thoughts are more balanced and we feel a greater sense of inner contentment.

We are inspired to spare a moment each day to be peaceful, to surrender and let go. Let peace be the first thing you do before you walk into your busy world, and notice how your life changes, how you become more positive and focussed.

This special sculpture has been created with the love and guidance of the Angels and flows with pure divine energy. Placed in your home or work space, your sculpture will naturally enhance the vibration quality of your surroundings. Take it with you where ever you go in life as your very special travelling companion. Hold it during meditation and healing, or simply whilst you are relaxing and unwinding, but especially during times of great stress and uncertainty. Let it be the first thing you see as you awake.

Lovingly hand made in the UK, your beautiful Angel sculpture has been made using the finest ingredients including the crystals Quartz, Selenite, Celestite and Angelite. The beautiful Chakra Angel is also blessed with seven more chakra stones which will help you balance your energy centres. Your sculpture comes with a satin pouch, explanation booklet and care kit.


Size: 90mm