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Beautiful Mother Earth

Beautiful Mother Earth

Price: £32.00


Created in oneness with Mother Earth, this sculpture will help you to feel very connected to all around.

Remembering, how beautiful the world truly is in all its splendour...every tree...every animal ...every human.

You live in all.

Thus helping you to remember the beauty within yourself.

 The sculpture is lovingly handmade and essentially is made of marble, of which will help you to feel grounded. The sculpture also contains Quartz, Angelite, Celenite and Selestite. Crystal energy that will help you to feel energised and connected to a higher vibrational energy. The sculpture is blessed with Angelic energy and has been lovingly hand polished and feels very smooth to the touch.  

The sphere used on this sculpture to represent the earth is an energised and angelically blessed pearlescent marble.

The sculpture also comes with a booklet to explain more of this Angels energy, also is accompanied by a care kit and a satin pouch.

 Size: 90mm