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Archangel Raphael - White

Archangel Raphael - White

Price: £27.50


This beautiful statue has been created in oneness with Archangel Raphael, the angel of self healing and love. Raphael comes to fill our hearts with love, and to remind us that we have the power to make all the changes we want to our precious lives.

Earth life is not always easy, and with much love, Raphael will help you bring balance, harmony and love to your life. When you call upon Raphael you are enfolded with wondrous healing light. This beautiful being is often seen surrounded in soft green light, the colour of the heart centre, the colour of balance.

Raphael says, face each day with fresh new eyes, for each day is filled with wonderful new opportunities to grow. See each beautiful memory and bask in its beauty, but also seek to see the beauty in past hurts, for from such challenges there blossoms a great wisdom and awareness.

There is only one way to look and that is forwards. Yesterday has gone, and if you spend all your time in yesterdays hurts, you miss all the wonderful moments are blossoming before you.

Your Archangel Rapheal sculpture is pure and simple, signifying how life can be…pure and simple. Focus into the heart of the statue and feel the love flowing unconditionally to you. Feel the love that dances within you... you are magical... you are special... you are amazing.

Allow the love to flow freely from your heart and watch the positive impact it has on your perception of the world around you, but more importantly the impact it has on YOU! …..Remember that you cannot truly help another until you have helped yourself, remember that you cannot truly love another until you can truly love yourself.

Carry your Raphael statue in your pocket or in your bag, take it with you on long walks in the country. Hold it as you pray and send healing thoughts. Connect to Raphael in meditation or during healing. Keep it by your bedside or place it on your altar. Take Raphael with you where ever you go in life.

The sculpture is lovingly handmade and essentially is made of marble, of which will help you to feel grounded. The sculpture also contains Quartz, Angelite, Celenite and Selestite. Crystal energy that will help you to feel energised and connected to a higher vibrational energy. The sculpture is blessed with Angelic energy and has been lovingly hand polished and feels very smooth to the touch.  

The sculpture also comes with a booklet to explain more of this Angels energy and also is accompanied by a care kit.

 Size: 90mm