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Archangel Michael - Blue

Archangel Michael - Blue

Price: £34.50


An Angel in Your Pocket

This special sculpture has been created in oneness with Archangel Michael and is a loving expression of his beautiful energy. Michael is a fearless being of light and comes close to us now to empower, enlighten and protect us during times of great change. As we each step into unknown tomorrows it is easy to feel a little fearful. Michael comes now to help us rise above our earthly fears, to help us feel once more the sweet song of our inner being. He comes to help us create with love, a life that truly is.... rich in love.

Michael asks us now to in live the truth and goodness of our hearts, for as we do we become more passionate about life, we begin to shine and to smile more, and most of all we begin to live. Life becomes more joyous and rewarding, and everyone around us feels it. Life is about living with a smiling heart.

So often are the sweet gifts of our souls suppressed by the heaviness of unkind words or actions. Michael will help us cut through the destructive thought patterns which taint the purity of our hearts. Michael understands how difficult life can be and asks us now to call upon him as we make positive heartfelt changes to our lives.

Michael lovingly refers to his sculpture as your very own angel in your pocket. He says, if people simply carried this sculpture around with them, they would not need to attend so many development workshops.

Take Michael with you where ever you go in life, he will protect you and guide you. Take him with you on long journeys, or to situations or places where you feel you need protection and courage. Hold him in meditation or during healing. Keep him by your bedside or hold him as you fall to sleep. Place him in your bag or on your altar. Give him to someone special as a gift of courage, strength and enlightenment. He is your very own... Angel in your pocket.

This sculpture has been lovingly handmade with the finest ingredients..essentially marble, which will help to keep you grounded. With the added wonderful energy of Quartz, Angelite, Selenite and Celestite. This sculpture also comes with a booklet to explain more of this Angels energy and also is accompanied by a care kit and a satin pouch.

This sculpture comes with a swirl of blue which is known to many as the Ray of Protection.

 Size: 90mm