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Angel Feather

Angel Feather

Price: £14.00


In times of doubt, when we have lost faith and hope, Angels show us many signs, signs which remind us that they are with us, loving us and supporting us, signs that our loved ones are just a whisper away.

So often we find feathers in the most unlikely places, and sometimes they simply float down right before our eyes just when we needed guidance and comfort.

Feathers are a symbol of our connection to something higher. A feather dances upon the lightest breeze flowing gracefully with the wind. So delicate and light, and, yet it has the power to lift and great bird into flight.

Feathers remind us that being light means being strong, for when we are light and peaceful, we are clearer and stronger, positive and focussed. When we are light life feels easier. Tolerence, compassion, and understanding, these are qualities naturally present when we are light.

Each angel feather is lovingly handmade and contains specially chosen ingredients including marble, quartz, angelite, selenite and celestite crystals. Comes with compimentry satin pouch.

 Size: 55mm