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Travellers Survival Kits

Travellers Survival Kits

Price: £8.99


A perfect gift for a friend or loved one going off travelling, bag includes;
A Traveller’s Survival Kit 
Love Hearts – To remind you how much you are loved, and will be missed
Howlite – For protection & safe travel
A Crayon – To make sure each day is bright
and colourful
Paper – To record all the happy memories you make
A Feather – To help with the flying
A Key – To open doors
             An All Seeing Eye-   To help you see all the wonderful sights
                 Coffee –  To keep your energy up
A Plaster – For those little emergencies
A Penny – So you don’t run out of money
A Shell – To remind you the world is your Oyster
A quote on the reverse of the card reads;
There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind
Finished off with a ribbon and a silver heart charm