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Teachers Survival Kit

Teachers Survival Kit

Price: £7.99


Great gift for end of term, bag includes;
A Teachers Survival Kit 
Fluorite: For organisation and calming their chaos
Marbles: To replace the ones the kids make you loose
An Eye:Because you need them in the back of your head
Eraser: To rub out their mistakes
Seeds: For the seeds of knowledge you sow
A Candle:For when the kids get on your wick
Fools Gold:Because you’re worth your weight in gold
Paperclip:For when you need to hold it all together
Coffee: For a well deserved Caffeine fix
Carnelian: To give you back your energy and creativityready for next term
A quote on the reverse of the card reads;
The best teachers teach from the heart, not from a book
Finished off with a ribbon and  a silver star charm