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New Home Survival Kit

New Home Survival Kit

Price: £8.99


An ideal gift to celebrate someone moving into their new home, bag includes;
New Home Survival Kit 
Selenite – To bring peace and harmony to your home
Tourmaline – To protect your home from negative energy
A Candle –Just in case there’s a power cut
Marbles – To replace the ones lost during the moving process
A Plaster – To cover any cracks
Sage – To cleanse your new home
A Crayon – For a bright and colourful future in your new home
Chamomile Tea Bags – Because now you can put your feet up and relax
A Hand – To remind you to always ask for help if you need it.
Love Hearts– So your home is always filled with love
A quote on the reverse of the card reads;
A house is made of walls and beams, a home is made of love and dreams.
Finished off with a ribbon and a silver hand charm