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Exam Survival Kit

Exam Survival Kit

Price: £9.99


A lovely gift for anyone studying, bag includes;

Exam Survival Kit
Carnelian – For confidence and self belief
Hematite –For memory
Sweets – For an energy boost
 4 Leaf Clover – For Luck
A Candle –Because there is light at the end of the tunnel
             A Toothpick - To help you pick your answers carefully
An Eraser – Because its ok to make mistakes, learn from them
Chamomile Tea – To remind you to stay hydrated & to help you relax
Lavender – To help you sleep
A Shell – Because the world is your Oyster
A Heart– Because no matter what the outcome you are always loved
Includes a quote on the reverse of the card;
If you believe in yourself anything is possible.
Finished with a ribbon and a silver heart charm