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Quartz Pyramid

Quartz Pyramid

Price: £46.00


Pyramids are stones that have been shaped into a point with four equal faceted sides and a square base. These formations are great for warding off negative vibrations or removing blocks within the chakra system. This shape is also a great choice to use in affirmation and manifestation work. The properties of the crystal are amplified in this formation. It is a good choice for healers.

Height 6cm

.Most powerful healing & energy
 amplifier on the planet  
.Absorbs, stores & unblocks energy
.Protects against radiation & dispels
 static electricity  
.Spiritually raises energy & vibration
 to the highest level  
.Aids concentration, unlocks memory
.Enhances psychic abilities
.Master healer for any condition
.Excellent for soothing burns